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7 Reasons to Never Throw Out Your Receipts, Experts Warn

featured agent: Larry Hendrickson

Future you will be glad you kept them.

How to Use The Retirement Bucket Strategy

featured agent: Larry Hendrickson

Learn about the three financial buckets that can help you manage your retirement spending and investing.

1 Out of 5 Millennials Believe They Will Never Retire

featured agent: john graves

Many of us in the working world dream of retirement — but a good portion of millennials don’t think they’ll ever make it to this phase of life. A recent GOBankingRates survey found that about 1 in 5 millennials (19.6%) believe that they will never be able to retire — and they have legitimate reasons to feel this way.

Managing Your Money: Strategies to Consolidate Multiple Debts

featured agent: larry hendrickson

Debt consolidation is when an individual avails of one large loan and pays off several smaller debts. Some borrowers can benefit from a debt consolidation loan, which could include a lower interest rate or a monthly payout — or in some cases, both.

6 Times Short-Term Life Insurance Is a Good Idea

featured agent: John Graves

With COVID-19 shutdowns easing across the country, many Americans are finding themselves in a time of transition. If you’re switching jobs, working on your health or trying to pay off a debt, a short-term life insurance policy could cover you until your situation changes.